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2007 03 14
Angle of Incident #45: Seminar 7, Surveillance, Part 1

By Gary Michael Dault and the members of the Architecture 684 Graduate Seminar at the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo.

The posting of Seminar 6, held on Monday, March 5, was dissipated on the winds of technical inexplicability and procedural mishap and, rather than try to reclaim it now, we thought it best to push on with Seminar 7, held Monday March 12.

The posting begins—as has become conventional—with the afternoon’s discussion list, compiled, as always, by Jody Patterson, now Jody Patterson Finch:
Panopticon plan and prison theory (Michel Foucault)
Paris on – and off - the world art scene
people-watching and human typologies
performance and place: cell phone dance partners at Nuit Blanche Montreal
pillowfight events in Roman piazzas
plateau of ‘middle’ experiences
public space and ‘culture-jamming’
‘Q’ as an alphabetical island
‘Q’ as architectural enclosure
‘Q’ in diametric opposition to ‘O’
‘Q’ in meanings and metaphors
randomness: praise? curse? confusion?
Recovering Landscape (ed. James Corner) and the impact of Earth in satellite imagery
renewal or obsolescence: a catalogue of business life in Galt
Riopelle and Surrealist expression?
Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Denver Colorado: ‘the nation’s most ironic nature park’, toxicity as wilderness protection
ruminations on wrong place / wrong time
Saint-Exupery’s Wind, Sand and Stars
satellite views and the gaze: global perspectivism
Search engines for everyday life
simulacra and the pseudo-natural
Situationist experiments
Cixous’ Steps on the Ladder to Writing
solitude as impetus for unity
spontaneous event and shared ideas
Steve Mann and the art of the hidden camera
sunglasses as private habitat
surveillance and ‘google-fication’
Surrealist paintings

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