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2007 05 16
City Of Toronto Joins With Zerofootprint To Fight Global Climate Change

Mayor David Miller announced yesterday that the City of Toronto is joining forces with Dr. Ron Dembo's Zerofootprint initiative to fight global climate change.
"Climate change is the issue of our time and it's up to all of us to do our part to minimize the impact of day-to-day activities," Miller said. "Zerofootprint Toronto is going to help make my city not only one of the greenest on the planet, but one of the most innovative, as well."

Zerofootprint offers Web-based tools city residents can use to both monitor and reduce their carbon output.
Zerofootprint is a not-for-profit that combines the best financial engineering, environmental engineering, social networking tools and business intelligence to create products and services that help large corporations, organizations and individuals significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

According to a CBC report the initiative will roll-out in two phases. First, city employees will be asked to create their own carbon profiles. City residents can join the project in the second phase.

Of course, there is no need to wait until then to join in. Visit Zerofootprint's web site for guides on other ways to reduce your carbon output.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 05/16 at 09:53 AM

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