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2006 01 18
David Ross / Rebecca Duclos of Reading Montreal Interview NOMADE 4

RM: What do you think the biggest mistake the city of Montreal has ever made?

N: That’s an easy question to answer. Montreal suffered a kind of serious urban post-tramautic stress disorder from the Olympic stadium. Yes, there were a lot of problems with that project, but we should be over them by now. People here have not gotten over those mistakes. This has lead to a lot of problems here with people thinking big, thinking about ‘out there’ projects that are audacious and ambitious. You will always have that response that ‘oh no, it will become a new Olympic stadium’! It's like a ghost, and it’s still out there haunting us - even after thirty years. It isn’t even the fact that that project it cost a lot of money, it’s that the Stadium has had a huge impact on the psyche of the city.


It is a shame because we had things going here like Expo 67. It seems that the city has lost its nerve with large scale projects, unlike what is happening in Toronto where there doesn’t seem to a problem with doing large scale projects with big architects that are relevant at a global level. So, to sum up, we think that the biggest mistake wasn’t something that has been done, rather it is the regret and anxiety the stadium has caused that limits doing other things now.

Read more about the stadium. See Wikipedia's entry here. Read about the statium's architect Roger Tailibert.
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