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2008 04 08
Diamond’s “Sub"- Liminal Revenge

I don't think it is a secret that the ROM Crystal is not Jack Diamond's favourite Toronto building. Even worse, the architect—designer of the popular new Opera House—must have had fits when Libeskind's Crystal was anointed as one of the "seven new wonders" of the architectural world.

That's why I think Mr. Diamond is delighted by his new design for the Museum Subway stop. After all, most of the people who come to the ROM come by TTC, and the first space they'll encounter on the way to the Crystal is Jack's.

Here are some pictures of the new stop as provided by the architect.


The inscription contained within the letters on the track wall is from a limestone relief in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian nobleman named Met-jet-jy. Dating to approximately 2300 BC, the original artefact is housed in the Egyptian Gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum.

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