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2006 09 28
Free All Night Contemporary Art Things
This Saturday night's nuit blanche event will change the way Torontonians think about art and artists. After a generation of having the city's foremost creative producers hidden behind gallery doors, they will take over our downtown streets in what promises to be a landmark event.

Here is the nuit blanche Survival Guide:

There are a few items you should consider bringing with you on this adventure. Comfortable shoes are essential for an all-night trek! Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately -- you may need an umbrella or clothing layers for cool weather. Other ideas include a blanket for spontaneous picnics and catnaps, plus coffee, tea, water and snacks for quick rejuvenation at 4:30 am. Bring a camera, a flashlight, your swimsuit and lots of friends, but most importantly bring an open mind and an all-nighter attitude!

You'll find everything you need to start your explorations in each zone at a Scotiabank Information Hub. Look for these three unique destinations:

Zone A Hub
Village of Yorkville Park

Zone B Hub
Butterfield Park

Zone C Hub
Trinity Bellwoods Park

Food & Drink
You'll find a selection of restaurants, bars and convenience stores open throughout the night near the three exhibition sites. Plus, look for the Food & Drink symbol throughout this website. A number of the Independent Project venues are offering late night refreshments in their restaurants and bars. Call ahead to confirm hours and menus.

Contemporary art refers to the work being created by artists today in the present era. This is art that reflects and addresses the challenging themes and dilemmas of our times. Utilizing current practices, styles and mediums, artists push the boundaries with provocative ideas and strive to evoke lively debate within our urban centres. Through Scotiabank Nuit Blanche you can participate in these discussions and become a part of the contemporary understanding of visual art, culture and the social consciousness of our communities.

Trained guides and educators, called docents, are on site at most of the commissions to offer information and facilitate your understanding and enjoyment of the exhibitions. The docents worked with the artists and curators to develop an understanding of their work, the creative process and how to interpret the work so that they are able to share this information with you.

Maps & Signs
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche sites are spread across three zones. On this website you will find a map for each zone showing the location of each event site. Each site has been assigned a number that will appear on the map and it will also appear on the identifying sign when you arrive at the site location. Curated Exhibition projects have been assigned square symbols, My Secret City has triangle symbols and all Independent Projects are indicated by circles.
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