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2005 05 29
Is it a Turkey or a Peacock? - Reprised
imageI am referring to the structure of the building. The building is The Robarts Library on St. George Street. Many citizens say The Robarts Library is formidable and repellant. It is often called "Fort Book." The Robarts Library is a towering edifice with a few window holes. It would be like an ice castle if it were not built of thick opaque concrete. There is a central elongated, hugely tall central shaft on one end. Looming symmetrically behind this, seeming to spread like a tom turkey tail or peacock fan, the rest of the structure is lower and very broad,. It casts long shadows and impedes the sky. As a public monument it is a turkey. But I say it was meant to be interpreted inside out. Its beauty is on the inside; not the material inside, but the inside of the inside, its value. The Robarts Library is where one meanders looking to read. Reading is like meandering into luminescence.
[email this story] Posted by Jeanne Randolph on 05/29 at 01:02 PM

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