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2006 02 20
John Glendinning
Shift, John Glendinning, 24” x 10” x 7” elm, milk paint

Furniture designer John Glendinning’s meticulously crafted furniture and accessories could be interpreted as a modern arrangement of varying degrees and direction. A true hands-on craftsman, his complex pieces explore surface transition and the visual relationships between all of their individual wood components. His impressive collection reveals an interesting characteristic that exposes structural connections as organic forms, therefore creating an appearance of components branching out of one another.
Occasional Table, John Glendinning 48x 16x14 imbuya

John an accomplished furniture craftsman has received a number of awards and grants and was educated at our very own Sheridan College School of Craft and Design [SOCAD] in Oakville, Ontario and previously at Conestoga College Kitchener, Ontario. He currently resides and produces his sturdy furniture objects out of beautiful materials in Montreal, Quebec.
Surf, John Glendinning, 10” x 3” x 2.5” assorted woods, limited production

You can find more information on John Glendinning and contact him . If you have a moment, catch him at the upcoming Interior Design Show 2006, studio north, booth SN01 and in the future he can be found participating in these other fine upcoming events ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair May 20-23 NYC and "Designed for Multiples by the Furniture Society, and Fragments" @ Cafe Gallery Projects London, Southwark Park London, UK, June/July 2006.
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