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2005 08 02
The Spit - Limits


The beaver, our national symbol stamped on the nickel, lives undisturbed with his family a few kilometers from the heart of commerce. The official story is that no one knows how they got here, but they are not the zoo-grown variety. Parks and Rec naturalists keep a watchful eye on the beaver territory after an entire grove of saplings was felled. The Spit has limits. They have had to erect fencing around vulnerable trees to limit damage but no interventions are planned.

Cormorants present a more visible problem. Large groups of them roost in mature trees, killing whole stands with their concentrated droppings. Some people want cormorants culled to save the landscape. The reason for the population increase is because the lake is cleaner and their food is abundant.
[email this story] Posted by Chris Thomaidis on 08/02 at 10:34 AM

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