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2005 03 31
New journal part 2
imageIts audience would – and should -- be those interested in material culture and its broader significance: reflective architects, engineers and designers; teachers in those fields at universities, community colleges and art & design colleges, as well as enlightened schoolteachers dealing with design; and students in those areas. It would also include those with an interest -- academic or lay -- in the history of science and technology, as well as those engaged at the public policy level in issues that affect material production of the environment, i.e. civil servants dealing with planning, urban development, federal land sales, and conservation. The audience would also include those with an interest, academic or lay, in the social sciences from an interdisciplinary point of view regarding environmental issues, and in globalization in its physical effects.
[email this story] Posted by Graham Owen on 03/31 at 08:00 AM

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