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2006 09 11
Reading The Festival Part 1 - Reprised

imageWhen we launched Reading Toronto, Piers Handling wrote a short, five part early history of the TIFF for our readers. We are republishing his text this week to celebrate one of the best Toronto film festivals to date.

The first film I can ever remember seeing was projected on to an outdoor screen in a dusty village in Pakistan. It was a Charlie Chaplin film where he ate his boot and was pursued by a bear in a frosty Yukon setting. Ever since then the movies have always been associated in my mind with the theatres in which I saw them. I have forgotten most of their names, but my brother and I laughed loudly and conspiratorially at the Jerry Lewis and Norman Wisdom films we saw as children in Ottawa at the old Capitol Theatre. I can also vividly remember the two of us seeing "The Longest Day" in a plush west end London cinema with my mother in the early sixties. At a boarding school in Germany that we both attended, Saturdays meant a film in the evening in the school's main auditorium where we escaped our homesickness through the escapist fantasies of a James Bond.
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