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2006 06 30
Steve Mann’s FUNtain (musical fountain)
The day before Canada Day is a good time to celebrate an upcoming event that will change Toronto's landscape in a modest but delightful way.

About a eighteen months or so ago I asked Steve Mann if he would write some stories about his favourite parts of Toronto for Reading Toronto. Steve extolled the virtues of the Dundas Square water park (at the corner of Dunday and Yonge Streets). Now I know why. He and collaborator Chris Aimone are building a FUNtain for the new TELUSCAPE at the Ontario Science Centre.

The FUNtain uses water pressure to create musical sounds. Last year they tested it in a downtown park. The above photo records the event. Here is what the Science Centre says about TELUSCAPE:

Our 'front yard' is radically transforming! The Science Centre's main entrance will become TELUSCAPE -- an interactive outdoor venue that combines native trees and a wetland with walkways, interactive experiences, installation art and an outdoor forum. The 4590 square metre (51000 square foot) space will open to Science Centre visitors and the local community in late August 2006.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 06/30 at 06:38 PM

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