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2005 04 04
The Bug
imageYesterday I stayed as long as the lights were on. I had sat at a wooden table near door N. I had pondered a saying of Laplanch and Pontalis, "Keep in mind a multitude of apparently insignificant elements whose correlations are only to emerge later on." Having been nourished in babyhood by the King James Bible it is impossible that the call number 666.999DOA would be an insignificant element. This is literature after all. Hadn't I balanced the demonic signal with a fine sentiment about "ceremonial purity"? And the next day I sustained the image of ceremonial grace. And the bug; would the bug be a proxy for Old Bendy himself, Beelzebub tempting the protagonist to succumb to a lust for cleanliness and order, tempting her in other words to insecticide? Mind you, The Holy Ghost is also a shape-shifter.
[email this story] Posted by Jeanne Randolph on 04/04 at 08:34 AM

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