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2005 03 31
The Drake - Fevered
imageA month’s work culminates in a crazy day. I should have slept last night, had something other than beer for lunch, but maybe it’s all in the name of momentum. Getting ready for the opening, getting ready for leaving and I realize that it’s become normal to live in a hotel, to sew in 12 hour shifts, to have cable. There’s not really time to think about any of this, or the people I’m going to miss and maybe it’s better like that. A blaze of glory (?) or whatever my version would be called. It’s two in the morning and everything’s over but im still humming, the vibration of a manic day hasn’t left my system yet. Ill be gone in the morning and I wont live at the Drake anymore. ive never been in a world quite like it.

This post by Ingrid Gerberick, The Drake Hotel's Artist in Residence
[email this story] Posted by The Drake Hotel on 03/31 at 12:53 AM

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