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2006 07 25
T.O.Tubed - Canada’s most filmed city
With all the talk about making Toronto a centre of creativity and with tourism and show biz tanking in T.O. these days, I was a little surprised the other day by how many videos were found on YouTube with the tag "Toronto". Turns out Montreal had the third most hits, Vancouver second and ta-dah... Toronto returned the most. Ok, I know this is weak but if John Maeda can lean heavily on Google search results as a database, why can't I use YouTube (I venture not, to the heavily teen-hormoned arena known as MySpace - a virtual "Lord of the Flies" if ever there was).

The YouTube numbers as July 25th
Toronto - 6111
Vancouver - 3348
Montreal - 3250

Google Video
Toronto - 1583
Montreal - 875
Vancouver - 851
[email this story] Posted by P. Rogers on 07/25 at 11:05 AM

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