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2005 04 04
Urbeach Capacity
imageCapacity of the urbeach is up to 12,000 people (with street closure).

A sculptural hypotenuse canopy extends from the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street, and runs at an angle closer to Dundas than Yonge. It is conveniently located to the north of the urbeach, so that it does not cast shadows or rob the beach of natural sunlight. Washrooms/changerooms, downstairs in level P1 (part of the 250-space underground parking), are accessed from the Dundas Street side of the hypotenuse.

Three curved lighting masts along the south edge of the urbeach create evening light that comes from approximately the same directions as natural sunlight does during the day (i.e. from varous southerly directions).

Six hundred splash fountains, arranged in two rows of ten grilles (30 ground nozzles in each one) form the main centerpiece of the urbeach. They are computer controlled so that they operate in unison to go up and down in a sinusoidally time-varrying fashion. This beautifully simulates the pounding of beach surf.
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